Greys Court, Oxfordshire

Beautiful red-brick 16th century exterior
Beautiful red-brick 16th century exterior

I’ve always been an old soul, and my love of national trust properties is no exception to this. Greys Court is one of my utter favourites – its exterior is grand but not imposing and I have spent many a trip lusting after the gardens which seem to manage being both immaculate and free spirited. A stone’s throw from Henley on Thames, another of my favourite British gems, it’s the perfect day trip for families, pensioners and, more unusually but nonetheless accurately in my case, young couples alike.

The wisteria serves as the centerpiece of the gardens, winding its way through in the form of a path. In May the pastel purple sprinkles of flowers line the centuries old gnarled wood in abundance, and it’s well worth planning a visit around this beautiful display, as we did this year.


Like so many places in Oxfordshire, it’s used frequently for filming, including Midsomer Murders (various) and Downton Abbey (2013).

My most recent visit was in late spring, which sees the Alliums at their peak, and the new gardener and photographer in me could never have taken enough photos of those magnificent pom poms!


I find it easy to lose myself in most national trust owned places, but Greys in particular casts a certain spell over me. Perhaps it’s because it’s exactly how I would imagine my own home to be – in those most distant of day dreams.


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