Early Bird

I stumbled across a charming blog this week, Muted Mornings, which has inspired me to write this post embracing my body clock. I think I’ve got what they call a ‘Type A’ personality, where as soon as I’m awake my mind starts buzzing with everything I need/want to be doing that day. It’s a blessing and a curse!

I tend to get the most done in the mornings, which works well as you can make a good start on the day’s tasks (be it work or home related) before most people have even woken up. Working in an industry where your inbox is constantly crammed, something I know most people will relate to, it’s great to be able to make a dent in them before the hubbub of the office day properly begins. I’m lucky enough to live very close to work and have the flexibility to get there at 8am if I want to which capitalises my start-of-the-day efficiency.

The worst of it is when you stay with friends, spending what seems like hours staring at the ceiling, willing them to wake up. At uni I got a name for myself on nights out as half-twelve-Helen – past a certain point I just got bored and tired and wanted to go home and into bed. I’d never be able to sleep in no matter how late I’d stayed up anyway.

It becomes interesting when you live with a night owl. We have pretty different sleeping schedules, particularly at weekends when I’m up at about at 7 and he would happily lie in til 10. I think we both think we get the raw end of the deal but unfortunately he has more ammo, given that his tendencies are more ‘normal’. I have to creep around when it feels more natural to clatter about loudly getting stuff done. I also have to wait until an appropriate time to drag him out of bed, kicking and screaming usually, so we can have breakfast together and get going with the day. From his perspective that ‘appropriate’ time is constantly flouted (and perhaps doesn’t even exist – he seems positively gleeful when I get to the rage filled point of pulling the duvet off the bed).

I think I still need to find a happy medium, but from now on I refuse to be ashamed of waking up with the sun – it’s what’s natural after all and not something I can change! I will use it as something to look forward to – reading time with a good cup of coffee – and ease myself into the day.


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