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Hi! I’m Helen and I live in South Oxfordshire with my boyfriend Nathan and our two cats Bailey and Casey. I grew up on a non-working Farm in Kent, and have tried to adopt the chilled out pace of life I was surrounded with as much as I can here. I love golden shores as much as the next girl, but I devote most of my exploration time to my first love, England. We get out into the garden and the surrounding countryside as much as possible – the perfect way to balance the fast paced 9 to 5 of our careers in Publishing and Law.

The reason for starting this blog is a selfish one – I wanted to take up writing on a regular basis again (like most English lit. students I fancied myself as the next JK and then swiftly stopped writing as soon as I finished my degree) and make the most of my love of photography. littlebelleblog is dedicated to recording the things I enjoy doing the most to remind myself and anyone who cares to read it what a charming world we live in and to take pleasure in the small things. Thanks for swinging by.

‘In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own’ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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